We give your pet a thorough evaluation to assess their risk status prior to the administration of anesthetic drugs and provide the best tailored medications for a comfortable and speedy recovery some of our strategies include:

  • Pre-anesthetic physical and blood chemistry
  • Balanced anesthesia and pain management
  • Hands on monitoring by licensed clinicians and technicians
  • IV fluid therapy
  • 6-point monitoring which includes, continuous EKG reading, heartrate, blood pressure, temperature, oxygen levels, breathing.
  • Monitored recovery and post-operative care.

Going Home

At discharge a Technician will give you specific instructions as to what to except during the recovery process at your home and the use of post-operative medications to minimize pain and discomfort. You will be called the next day to check on your pet’s progress.

Please feel free to ask the technician at the time of release any questions you may have.